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Sportsmanship with Style

May 1 2008

Read this article for all the details:

‘Unbelievable’ sportsmanship in softball game

That’s the definition of sportsmanship. On a technicality, they could have forced the opposing coach into a decision to sub a player and only make it a single. But she hit the home run. She deserved the home run.

Good stuff. Play hard, but play fair; and sometimes fairness isn’t the letter of the law (rules).

More people in business should play (compete) this way.

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The Sport of Business

Jan 6 2008

Mark Cuban just reposted an article he wrote back in 2005 called The Sport of Business.

If you’re an entrepreneur, or have aspirations to be one, you need to go read it. And then find a way to get your edge.

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Me in the News

Aug 17 2007
Me in the News

This week has been interesting. I think it was my shot at my 15 minutes of fame. I’ve been ‘in the news’ 3 times.

First, Utah Business’s cover article for August 2007 was called The State of Small Business: Building the Most Dynamic Economy in the Nation. In this article, Jacob Moon interviews several Utah entrepreneurs about the interactions of cooperation, competition, and Utah specific culture in their efforts to build and grow companies. Recently, the 2007 State New Economy Index, a major study performed by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, ranked Utah # 1 in the country for “economic dynamism” and I put in my $0.02 about some of the challenges and opportunities that Doba has faced

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The Trade Show Mafia

May 24 2006

In most major cities across the United States, if your company chooses to set up a conference or trade show exhibit booth at a hotel or convention center, chances are that you’re going to run into a company like GES Exposition Services or Freeman. Technically called a show ‘decorator,’ the Freeman’s and GES’s of the world are hired by conference or trade show organizers–or they have exclusive contracts with hotels and convention centers–to provide infrastructure-type products and services to exhibitors.

Often, companies like mine have no choice (because of preexisting union-type agreements) but to contract with these decorators for things like booth set-up and teardown, carpeting, display tables and skirting, and chairs and cleaning services. Why should any of this matter?

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