May 16 2013


Amy and I have really gotten into NBC’s, as Wikipedia puts it, “post-apocalyptic science fiction television drama series” Revolution. The premise is that something happens and in a single night, all power on Earth is disabled. It’ good.

A lot of people are predicting similar apocalyptic things for the retail and e-commerce industries. Massive changes? Definitely. Apocalypse? Hardly.

So we set out to try and put some structured thinking around it all, by first looking back over the last 20 years, and then prognosticating about the next 20. We took what we did and just published the first part of a 3 part white paper series called The Retail Supply Chain Revolution. You can download it here:

The Retail Supply Chain Revolution, Part One

I really think if you have any interest in e-commerce, this research and insight will help you survive and thrive in this new world, and avoid any sort of dystopian future.

The disruption and change over the next 20 years will make the previous 20 look like just a minor bump in the road. Actually, maybe it will feel like the power went out.


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