Mar 13 2013

This’ll be quick.

1. Go read this awesome essay by Paul Graham: Startup = Growth

2. Read it again.

3. Stare at this image:


Good. Now you have awesome ideas and text in your mind1. And an awesome picture in your mind2.

Startups take money (and by default time, since, well, you know that one) and you grow. And growth will ultimately get you value. Without growth, you’ve got grandes problemas. Find something that you can measure in the short-term, that aligns in some way shape or form with your long-term vision, and grow the hell out of it.

BTW, have you even seen something grow so fast and awesome that the hell literally just left? I have. Doba grew over 3,200% in 4 yrs. And it was crazy and awesome.

Grow my friends, grow grow grow!!

1 Paul Graham rules
2 Google image search rules

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