Feb 7 2013

Yeah, I’m a dollar late and a two days short. Six weeks in, already missed my Tuesday post this week. Why?

Well that’s the subject of this post. (and it’s not these guys, Pendulum the band. Although they are completely awesome!)

My life’s been pretty nutty last few weeks. Like as in probably most I’ve worked. Ever. Except growing up on the farm. Especially a dairy farm. That’s 7 days a week. 365. If you ever want to know real work, all you/us entrepreneurs out there? Go live/work on a farm for a year. Then you’ll look at startups like the cake walk that they are. ;)


Anyway, you only have so many hours in the day. Until we can bioengineer ourselves to find sleep unnecessary, or we invent time travel, we are capped.

Lots of people talk about work/life balance. Balance? I think that’s entirely the wrong framework/analogy. Balance conjures the idea that with the appropriate tweaking, everything is all good. You’re balanced. It’s just the wrong word for it.

I think a much better visual is a pendulum. When I think of a pendulum, I think of something moving, something changing, something always in flux, something swinging. That sounds way better about how life really goes. And I know, pendulums, without external forces, end up in an equilibrium position. Balanced. But find me a life or a startup that is free of extreme external influences, and I’ll find you you a unicorn or an native Idahoan that isn’t spectacularly awesome.


In case you where wondering, your time and priorities are “Bob”. You and your life are the Fixed Point and the 360 degree plane around that fixed point reached at the apex point of your pendulum. And you swing, swing away. Always in motion. And not only in two dimensions. It’s not like you can write “life” on the left, and “startup” on the right and move between them. You’re hanging from this giant point in the sky, swinging all over. Left, right, front, back. At the whim of the universe and your plate and what pushing on you, changing your direction and high you swing in that new focus. Sometimes so relentless pushing you to a high point on that 360 degree plane that the rest of your points all are 0.

Your job as an entrepreneur, as a dad/mom, as a husband/wife, as a friend, as a family-member, as a human who has primary needs of your own: add your own internal pushes to go against the external forces to swing that sucker back towards other priorities. You can’t find “balance”, that’s a fools errand. You find appropriate swinging. Work/Life Pendulum.

Back to me being late on my weekly post…I’m out of whack towards startup life right now. I’ve got to swing some things to me. So yesterday morning, I did a little me time for an hour up American Fork canyon.


I feel like a million bucks, ready to let that sucker swing me right back hard to whatever else. My next internal push on my pendulum? Family.

Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur? Swing my friends. Swing.

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