Jan 1 2013


Got my daily email this morning from the Utah Avalanche Center with the avalanche advisory for the Salt Lake Area Mountains.

I expect it every day in the winter. I check the conditions, check the mountain weather forecast. Pretend I had a career where I’d be out there in the backcountry multiple times a week. But what I didn’t expect today was one of the best views about life and the excitement, energy, and resolve a New Year brings that I’ve ever read, courtesy of guide and forecaster Drew Hardesty:

We live charmed lives. I remember an old friend – now long gone – would look at me, wide-and wild-eyed, and say, “Today will be an extraordinary day.” And he would be right. Only later did I find out that he said that to everyone, everyday. And…he would be right. Happy New Year. Here’s to our hopes and aspirations, family, friends, colleagues – both here and gone; mistakes made…and mistakes hopefully not made again. Enjoy the skiing and riding today, friends, it’ll be extraordinary. Again.

Take out “skiing and riding” and just replace that with “ride” or “view” or “trials” or “experience” and you have how I think we all ought to look at life.

Here’s to 2013.

Make it extraordinary.

One day at a time.

- rock n roll

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  • Kit Burton

    Nice – even being on the East Coast now I still look forward to these same Av Center emails!