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May 27 2008

I’ve posted before about the Discovery Channel show Dirty Jobs and its host Mike Rowe.

I’m a big fan. I watch it while I work out in the mornings. In the course of his quest for Dirty Jobs around the country, Mike has met and worked with hundreds of folks that could teach most of us a thing or two about work ethic.

From Mike on the episode I watched this morning (quoting Thomas Edison):

Opportunity is most often missed because it usually shows up dressed in overalls and looking like work.


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Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year

May 22 2008
Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year

A few weeks back, we found out that I was selected as a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Utah region.

Last night was the finalist reception and I was able to meet quite a few of the judges, the sponsors, and the other finalists.

To all the other finalists I say good luck and congratulations! I am very proud to be included with the names/companies included in this year’s 25 finalists. It’s a list of incredibly talented and focused entrepreneurs, many of whom I know very well.

I’m honored to be able to represent Doba in this program. All credit goes to my family, Doba’s employees and their families, our vendors and

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Boy Scouts Had it Nailed

May 15 2008
Boy Scouts Had it Nailed

When I was in the Boy Scouts I learned that my motto was to: “Be Prepared.”

About 2 weeks ago, I particpated in a Funding Universe LivePitch event in Sandy. The positioning to aspiring entrepreneurs was:

Come pitch your idea to a panel of local experts, to get feedback on presentation, or recruit /hire, or to build partnerships. If you do not wish to present come and be a part of the audeince and network with others entreprenuers and businesses.

Funding Universe picked 5 companies to pitch to the audience and this panel of judges:

Steve Grizzell: Innoventures Capital
Dan McPhun: Park City Angels
Jeremy Hanks: Founder and Chairman of Doba
Mark Bonham: Ray Quinney and Nebeker
Kent Thomas: CFO Solutions

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Build vs. Buy

May 7 2008
Build vs. Buy

So my travel was supposed to be finished until mid-June, but alas, I find myself this week in San Mateo, CA for 4 days of administrator training for is a very robust customer relationship management Software as a Service platform. We’ve decided at Doba to move our CRM (marketing, sales, and service) operations onto this hosted platform over time. We’ve been testing it in a limited fashion for the last several weeks.

In the past 5.5 years, we’ve built A LOT of software that originated from our “internal tools” roadmap–software to manage sales processes, billing processes, marketing processes, service processes, etc. Over the next many months, we’re going to work towards fulfilling those internal needs via the

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Sportsmanship with Style

May 1 2008

Read this article for all the details:

‘Unbelievable’ sportsmanship in softball game

That’s the definition of sportsmanship. On a technicality, they could have forced the opposing coach into a decision to sub a player and only make it a single. But she hit the home run. She deserved the home run.

Good stuff. Play hard, but play fair; and sometimes fairness isn’t the letter of the law (rules).

More people in business should play (compete) this way.

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