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Ground Zero

Jan 16 2008
Ground Zero

I headed to New York Sunday for a quick trip to the National Retail Federation 97th Annual Convention and Expo, a.k.a. Retail’s Big Show.

I mainly went to cruise the show and get info and meet a lot of the exhibitors.

I ended up with a bit of extra time on Tuesday, so I headed down to the World Trade Center Site. I’ve never been. I went on a walking tour with Tribute NYC. These tours are led by people whose lives were profoundly changed by September 11th. Each tour is unique and connects those who want to hear stories with those who want to share them. One thing that surprised me is that 75% of my tour was

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Save me eCommerce!!!

Jan 14 2008
Save me eCommerce!!!

On or about October 20th I started a little project. I started keeping all of the mail order catalogs we receive at our home. I kept adding to my pile through Dec 31st.

I have a final tally of my roughly 10 week accumulation of catalogs:

- Weight: 80 pounds
- Height: 2 feet

Maybe eCommerce will grow enough that someday this will not be arriving in droves. In the meantime, if you suffer from a similar deluge, I’d highly recommend visiting Catalog Choice and they can help you get the flow shutoff.

And finally, I wonder if I shouldn’t be rooting for eCommerce afterall. Chris Anderson (Editor in Chief of Wired Magazine) makes a very convincing argument that Dead Tree

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Why oh why isn’t this the only issue being talked about?

Jan 10 2008

I listen to this guy and I just get pissed off. Why isn’t this THE ONLY thing the current candidates are talking about? Why doesn’t Congress address this issue until there is a clear solution in place? Every American needs to listen to David Walker and realized our sense of entitlement is way off base, we need to realign our expectations of what our government can and should provide for us, and then we should all march on Washington until our dillweed Politicians pull their heads out and figure something out.

I sort of like his idea of putting them all in jail.

Thanks to Josh for pointing this out.

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Entrepreneurship Quiz

Jan 7 2008
Entrepreneurship Quiz

Scott Shane from Case Western Reserve University recently published The Illusions of Entrepreneurship: The Costly Myths That Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Policy Makers Live By. Here is where you can read a good book summary.

He also has an entrepreneurship quiz related to his book that tries to find out if you understand the reality of entrepreneurship or if you believe the myths. I scored 45% on the quiz. Hey, at least I beat Guy Kawasaki.

I ordered the book off Amazon. My score of 45% definitely shows that I succumb to more of the myths about entrepreneurship rather than the realities.

- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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The Sport of Business

Jan 6 2008

Mark Cuban just reposted an article he wrote back in 2005 called The Sport of Business.

If you’re an entrepreneur, or have aspirations to be one, you need to go read it. And then find a way to get your edge.

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Happy New Year!!

Jan 1 2008

Spend 1 minute and 40 seconds and start your New Year off right!

Now if that doesn’t make you Happy and excited for whatever 2008 has in store for you, I don’t know what will.

Here’s to a great year with continued Adventures in Entrepreneurship!

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